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Going back to the routine

7 Aug

This is my last week of vacation. By Monday I will be back to work, and little by little things will start to settle down. Monday also marks another month 2 years 8 months. I miss my brother. I have this ineffable feeling that I will see him soon. It is like living in constant […]

Triple Pain

24 Dec

  I am trying to go through this day as normal as possible. However, it is a trigger at times. This month has gone so slow for me. December… the song says ” wake me up when December ends.” Well is actually September but it fits perfectly. These celebrations only help to reactivate my pain. Even though the […]

Another year

30 Nov

Thanksgiving was lonely and sad. I went to the beach the following day, just as I planned. I even went to the condominium. A milestone for me. I had not been there for 2 years! It was as if someone had punched me on the face and on the stomach. It hurt so bad to […]

Sweet and Sour

25 Jun

Yesterday was a very stormy day in northern Florida. Huracane season is back. The only thing from calling this a huracane was the wind. It rained tones all day! However, some of my relatives were visiting from overseas and it was so nice to see them again. The rain was so much that my sister’s neighborhood got flooded. They are […]

St. Leo

18 Apr

St. Leo is one of my favorite places. It is nestled in a beautiful hill in St Leo, Fl, and even though I am not Catholic, I go there when I need to be by myself or to be connected with God. The nature and charm of this place gives me peace. I wanted to share […]

The meaning of Easter

1 Apr

  Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the son of God. Since my brother’s passing I see this holiday as what it is: a Holy Day to commemorate the risen of our Savior.  This event is the pillar, the bedrock of Christianity. Because He lives, we have a holy hope that […]

A little garden of love

16 Mar

My mom and I planted a garden. We did it with a spirit of love and in memory of my beloved brother. I miss him so much. My days are not the same and they won’t ever be the same without him. I know I have to live my life the best way possible but […]

Random Acts of Kindness

5 Mar

  I went to my church service last Wednesday and I felt so good. I can’t believe how much value it is to attend a good Bible centered service. The service I went to is an early 4pm because the pastor wants to reach the “old timers.” Most of these folks can’t drive at night and that […]

Each day is a gift from God

2 Mar

I feel renewed every morning when I wake up. Some of my mornings are gloomy and some are rosy, but nevertheless, I feel renewed. The first thing I do is a little mental prayer. Since my brother’s passing I committed to memory  these verses from the Bible: 1Thessalonians 4: 13-18, I would like to share them […]