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Four years later

12 Dec

Four years today. The day I want to pretend never happened. But it did. I am grateful to God for bringing me this far and for giving me a dream. I have my own website now and it is also a dedication to my brother. I miss him so terribly. I am not sure how […]

A Stolen Season

12 Sep

Today marks 3.9 years since my brother left us to be with God, and one day we will see him again. I wrote this poem on his third anniversary. Dec 12/13. This same blog is on my website   A Stolen Season By Maribell Ramirez  Dead twinkling lights, presents unwrapped in the trunk of […]

Brother…I love you!

16 Jul

Brother…I love you!

I have been busy, again, with my other website. Still my focal point of inspiration and dedication is my brother. Soon it will be 3.8 years. Almost 4! Wow! I remember thinking how it would feel when the years start to roll by. I have my brother in my mind and heart 24/7 since that […]

I Miss You

23 May

My sweet brother, I miss you. Today I saw your face so clear and close. Tears wetted my face. My heart ached. I felt totally disarmed, confused, lost. It seems unreal that you are not here with us. It seems even more unreal the new life I have. Ironically, I know and understand many things […]

Another Easter, another Mother’s Day

11 May

Another Easter, another Mother’s Day

Time keeps passing, and you are not here. These celebrations are bitter-sweet. Easter is great because is actually the only holiday I look forward to. It is the symbol of HOPE. The promise that one day will come to pass. The resurrection. The day I will be reunited with you, my beloved brother. I honestly […]

Life goes On

10 Apr

I have been absent from my dear blog for 2 months! Life can be so absorbent but my brother….he is always with me, in my mind, in my heart; no matter what. This song says many things I feel. Some parts do not apply but the feeling does. Eventhough I will never be able to say “goodbye my angel” […]

On your birthday my beloved brother

9 Feb

On your birthday my beloved brother

 What a better gift than to know Jesus and see Him face to face. You are blessed and loved forever hermanito mio. I will keep on walking until I also see Him face to face. Our reunion will be glorious!

Three years today

12 Dec

A lot has happened between yesterday and today. I finally got to talk to a counselor that I had been seeking for almost 3 years. I can’t believe I finally did it. Three years of pain and sorrow. I have found out that I am desperately seeking closure to my ordeal. Too many things and […]

Another year

19 Nov

Another year

When is all this going to be over? I have to say I can enjoy life somehow now, 3 years after, but my feeling is different. There is always nostalgia, always an emptiness. I can’t fully enjoy my days. There is a persistent tear in my eye waiting to fall. I am in the red […]

Happy Birthday Father

29 Sep

This week was my father’s birthday. I haven’t seen my dad for over 13 years now. I wonder how it’s going to feel when this much time has passed without my brother. It is overwhelming to think about it but we are close to 3 years now. Life without my brother feels like I am living someone […]

On my dear aunt’s birthday

4 Sep

Marietica is my dear aunt. God has given me real nice aunts and I love them all, but Marietica had a special thing for kids and, especially, my brother. She will always have a place in my heart for that reason. Here is my dedication to her. I did the picture from a little porcelain basket she […]

Going back to the routine

7 Aug

This is my last week of vacation. By Monday I will be back to work, and little by little things will start to settle down. Monday also marks another month 2 years 8 months. I miss my brother. I have this ineffable feeling that I will see him soon. It is like living in constant […]