Meet “mima”

Hello, I’m Maribell  or “mima” which is my childhood nickname. I am so glad to have my little space on the web and I hope you find my site encouraging and, especially, I hope it might help someone who is grieving. I am still grieving. I think I will never stop grieving for my beloved brother. Too many plans and dreams unfinished, but I need to move on and make the best of my days. My husband and I have learned a lot all these months about what’s really important, about God, people, ourselves, grieving and “heaven.” Losing my brother has taken me to a journey that I want to share with the world. I was born in the Christian faith but I can honestly tell you that just recently, I know what that really means. I am not about religion and this is not the message I want to portray. Is all about a relationship with Jesus, the one who gives me grace for living today and hope for tomorrow.

I also love art in general but I am, particularly, drawn to painting, fashion sketching, sculpting, and photography. I am not an expert on any of these but I enjoy doing and learning about them.  I decided to integrate my hobbies with my faith to build this website as a testimovy of my love for my brother.  I think they are great tools to help deliver my message. I’ll be very happy to have you browse my site and you can contact me at


Meet “Carlitos”

“mi tesorito” (no picture. I still can’t see pictures of my beloved brother)

My brother Carlitos was born with mental retardation, but he was a gift from God. My family always put him first and we love him so very much; but the love he gave to us was even greater. My brother and everything he did was truly an expression of love. He was my friend, my brother, the little brother I look forward to spend time with and talk to on the phone every day.

A human beign without prejudice. He never saw poor or rich, white or black, fat or skinny, tall or short, good looking or ugly.  He was nothing of that. He always had a smile and greeted anyone who would address him. He was extremely organized, clean, thoughtful and thankful. My mom raised him with very good manners. She did an excellent job.

Above all, my brother had a very tender and good heart. I always felt close to God when I was with him. It is hard to put in words but I felt genuinely happy when I was with him. He, I can say, was the only person I had nothing against. He never hurt me. He accepted me the way I was and he was always so happy to be with me, my mom or any other member of the family. His dependence on us made me realized how precious he was and how blessed we were. I just wish I would have seen that in a deeper level and at an earlier age. I saw my brother like the child I had to protect, love and cherish. I truly thought that was my mission in this world. Now….. he is gone. I hate to think that for as long as I live I won’t see him anymore. I hate to contemplate that thought. This has been the greatest test of my faith and endurance.

Only weeks before he was called home, I had sketched a collage I wanted to do for him. I had also drafted a poem dedicated to him. In 2010 I was into poetry and portraits, and I was planning to do a portrait of him for my next project. All that came to a halt and it’s still at a halt. I can’t see pictures of my brother. I have one in my wallet and I sleep with it under my pillow, but I don’t open the wallet. I just know his picture is there. The only picture I have is one on my dresser, when he was about 5 yrs old, and even that I try to ignore. I have honestly tried to overcome this, but I can’t push myself. I don’t feel ready and I won’t force it. I still have a lot of healing to do, and doing this website is helping. I want to finish everything I had started in those final months of 2010 and honor my brother the way he deserves it.

For now, I just think about him all my waking hours and I dream about him often. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. he is always in my background and so is Jesus because without Him I would not have hope to be reunited with my brother. One day, I will proudly put his pictures in this website and it is going to be a real honor, but until then I will rely in writing.

royalty free picture