February 29, 2012

Today I decided to start my blog. This is a blog from the heart, written with tears, an emerging kind of joy, and with a huge light of hope. Each one of my posts and works represents who I am and many of them are inspired by the one I will always love.

It has been almost 15 months since my beloved brother went to be with Jesus and I still find myself on a roller-coaster of emotions. Good days, bad days, better days, not so great days, and so on. Too many variants one big denominator:  he is not with us anymore.

Carlitos, as most people called him, was born with “special needs.” My brother, who was already a grown man, was mentally a child.  He was a child, who touched each one of my family’s heart in the gentlest ways. Everything my beloved brother did was an expression of love.

Without him my world has taken a drastic spin. My vision about life has changed and I also know that without God I would not have made it through. But God was with me and my family as He’s always been. Even in those moments of deep sorrow, when the soul can’t find consolation, and doubt lurks persistently, He was there.

This blog is to glorify my Savior Jesus Christ and to honor the life of my beloved brother.  It is dedicated to my mother because she loved my brother more than herself. She was his ever-present companion even before he was born, to the day when, unexpectedly, he took his last breath on this earth. To all of you who in a way or another identify with my pain and who have been touched in some way by the presence of a “special needs” kid or adult. They are truly ambassadors of a loving God.  I hope this blog showers you with joy and hope. Much, much HOPE.

MimaCarlitos has 2 parts to the name. “Mima” the way my mother and brother used to call me as a child. It also means the word ‘mom” in some Spanish speaking countries.  Carlitos is the loving, diminutive form for Carlos, my brother’s name. The combination of the two makes the name of my blog. I think this is more than suitable and I’m very happy with it.

Thank you for reading  and welcome to my blog,

Maribell (mima)

Photo Above by W. Eugene Smith. It has a very close resemblance to how my brother and I looked when we were young children.